Virtual assistants

Do you want to be available to your clients and employees 24/7/365? Do you want to provide them with all the necessary information more automatically and faster? Try virtual assistants!

Company Megatrend Business Solutions developed various virtual assistants which helped in many different business processes. Virtual assistants have been built on the advanced IBM Watson Assistant platform and can be easily integrated with your existing applications. Megatrend’s virtual assistants are based on various NLP (Natural Language Processing) processes that we have developed for the Croatian language.

Benefits of using virtual assistants:

  • Reduced customer service operating costs through automation
  • Increased customer or employee satisfaction
  • Improvement of sales results
  • Constant availability
  • Time savings and increased efficiency

Where can all virtual assistants help you?

  • Take the burden of customer support by providing information to customers or assisting human agents
  • Find specific information by searching a larger database of documents, websites or emails
  • Provide information on conferences and similar organized events
  • Automate candidate applications and pre-selection assistance in the recruitment process
  • Website assistant or internal helpdesk
  • Save time and increase efficiency in various other business processes, such as text compression, correcting spelling mistakes, etc.

Our chatbots know various communication channels:

• internal: intranet, e-mail, Slack…

• external: Web, Messenger, e-mail…

Conference chatbot

We have seen one potential application of virtual chatbots in our own – in the organization of our traditional Power of Data conference. Our virtual assistant, Đurđa, was a big helper in the organization of several Power of Data conferences by answering repetitive and frequently asked questions, so that the human organizers could dedicate their time to more relevant things in the organization of the event. From this example of an AI-based automation we have developed a solution which can help other event organizers, the same way it helped us.

Megatrend’s conference chatbot manager is an interactive way to eliminate repetitive questions for organizers of conferences and similar events. Our software solution provides the user with the ability to create virtual assistants based on IBM’s Watson Assistant platform for creating conversational user interfaces. Such chatbots provide potential conference attendees with information about the conference, such as information about speakers, presentations, the location, registration process etc. Users can, in just a few clicks, create a new chatbot or modify existing information, without having to log in to the Watson Assistant interface.

HR virtual assistant

Megatrend poslovna rješenja allows your company’s employees to communicate with or through a virtual assistant to automate and facilitate various processes.

Why HR virtual assistants:

  • reducing the workload on the HR department with frequently asked questions (how many days of vacation do I have left, when will the next team building be, …)
  • time savings and increased efficiency
  • constant availability to the company’s employees
  • better insight into employee satisfaction – sentiment analysis
  • possible query analysis and detailed analytics
  • assistance in employee education, application of candidates for pre-selection – detailed reports by e-mail

See how virtual assistants can reduce your operating costs with automation, drastically improve sales results and increase customer and employee satisfaction!

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