Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasingly popular field that deals with the development of intelligent systems to assist people in solving various complex tasks. There are many application areas of AI, i.e. business and everyday problems that can be solved by using artificial intelligence processes, including machine learning and deep learning methods.

The first and obvious example of leveraging AI is the enrichment of traditional business analytics with machine learning models and advanced statistical models to achieve smart, predictive analytics. By applying the mentioned statistical and mathematical methods to structured and unstructured data, we get an insight into the patterns and relationships within the data and we can estimate the probability that a certain event will or will not happen in the future.

Computer vision is another subfield of AI where assistance is achieved on a variety of visual data. Here we usually talk about the processes of visual recognition, i.e. detection of various objects in images and their classification. If we are talking about textual or linguistic data in the context of AI, then we are talking about the processes of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Virtual assistants offered by Megatrend automate various business processes and help people in various complex tasks such as sentiment analysis, semantic search (search by meaning) on large amounts of documents and reducing customer support query loads (call centers, event and conference organizers). Megatrend also offers various “tailored” NLP solutions, both for English and for Croatian (and related languages). In addition to the continuous development of business AI solutions, Megatrend also uses various tools of the IBM Watson platform. IBM Watson is the world’s leading platform for solving NLP problems and integrating NLP into your own business processes. As an artificial intelligence system, it is popular among organizations in various industries due to the ease of its application in your own business environment.