Hospitality Insights platform

Hospitality Insights

Hospitality Insights is platform that provides an amazing guest experience to help improve guest feedback, measure their satisfaction and reporting it to the management.

  • Guest Satisfaction Survey

Through the surveys, you collect feedback from the guest – during the stay (During the Stay Satisfaction Survey) and after the stay (Post Stay Satisfaction Survey).

The method of collecting information can be via QR code, e-mail or touch screens (Smiley face survey).

  • Operational checks

They are used in internal operations, which makes it easier for staff to carry out regular tasks, and for management to have feedback and insight into what has been done. It saves operational teams time and simplifies communication between managers and staff.

  • Smart analytics and reporting

With the help of smart reports, you can more easily spot trends and potential incidents (Net Promotor Score, Customer Satisfacion Score, Custom Dashboards).

Platform has online and offline work mode and enables:

Different types of questions:

  •     Dichotomous questions (simple yes/no questions)
  •     Multiple choice questions
  •     Mutually exclusive questions
  •     Rating scales (options from any range 0-10, etc.)
  • Likert scales (”not at all likely” scaling all the way up to “extremely likely)

Import data in various formats:

  •     Text
  •     Audio
  •     Video
  •     Pictures
  •     Geo location

Smart Analytics:

  •     Net Promoter Score

  •     Customer Satisfaction Score

  •     Custom Dashboards

On request, it is possible to connect with the systems you use via API integration (PMS integration; booking system…)

Information about more functionalities find on the Hospitality Insights solution page.