Natural Language Processing

In Megatrend, the application of Natural Language Processing and AI began with the use of the IBM Watson platform for various applications on textual data, and the first real AI project began with Frida, a virtual travel guide, which gained the ability to give personalized travel recommendations to users. The next step in the development of IBM Watson solutions were various virtual HR management assistants, which primarily eliminated repetitive questions for the HR department, presented an alternative to the cover letter, or assisted candidates in applying for a job. In addition, on Megatrend’s Power of Data conferences, you can always find the conference chatbot Đurđa, with which the focus of development shifted to the support of the Croatian language in NLP solutions.

Recently, we developed advanced NLP solutions for the Croatian language, a virtual assistant that helps answer frequently asked questions, and a tool for semantic document search. The first mentioned virtual assistant serves to eliminate repetitive questions that come to customer support (call centers) or event and conference organizers, and helps reduce the inquiry loads on the human resources management department. The other virtual assistant is a system for semantic search on a large number of documents of various formats, as well as web pages and e-mail traffic. The main advantage of using the tool is the fact that it is not necessary to explicitly define questions (or intents) and answers as with traditional chatbots.