Virtual assistant designed for website users

The solution is a virtual assistant designed for website users and built upon IBM’s Watson Assistant.
The focus is on supporting the Croatian and English languages, addressing the lack of official Croatian language support in Watson Assistant.
The solution incorporates reinforcing mechanisms for non-supported languages, allowing efficient functionality. The virtual assistant operates through a user-friendly multistep form, where users input necessary data like presentations, presenters, location, dress code, available parking, etc. Templates for a variety of potential questions and phrases specific to the chatbot’s purpose are in place, with individual crafting for each language.
Importantly, the solution involves combining user inputs and question templates into a JSON file, which is then fed to Watson Assistant.

This process aims to create a working and optimized chatbot, enhancing its performance for non-supported languages.

The basic and advanced functions of the Watson Assistant chatbot are effective in English but are facing limitations with other languages.
The solution aims to enhance Watson Assistant’s performance for any non-supported language.
The key assumption is that the chatbot is designed to operate in a single language, emphasizing that the solution is tailored for creating chatbots proficient in multiple languages, each functioning independently in a specific language rather than being multilingual.