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Data and AI

Vedran Podubski

More and more companies are trying to consolidate all their data work and artificial intelligence into a single platform. However, not all platforms are created equal. Recently, many service providers who claim to deliver the full spectrum of data and AI capabilities, but often with mixed results have used the term very loosely.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a comprehensive AI-enhanced cloud data platform that helps modernize data governance, DataOps, governance, analytics and AI to drive faster results in any business.

Built on the foundations of Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers an open information architecture with integrated solutions created by IBM and IBM partners, including open source software, to make it easier to realize all aspirations for AI processes in business and at the same time have the ability to manage and protect data.

Figure 1. IBM Cloud Pak for Data – AI Ladder

Challenges when choosing data platform

With the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, it is possible to solve the following unknowns when choosing a data platform:

  • The impossibility of a complete transition to the cloud, but the desire for the company to prepare for that transition in the future. Most companies recognize the value of cloud storage and operations, but many are limited by regulations or legacy workloads in their ability to migrate. With Cloud Pak for Data, businesses get many of the benefits of public cloud platforms in an on-premises system that resides within their environment. Cloud Pak for Data can also be deployed in a multicloud environment (public clouds, private cloud and on-premises), which provides companies with additional flexibility.
  • An ever-increasing amount of data without a cohesive management strategy. Companies are struggling to manage the rapidly growing amounts of data in their organizations and to put in place a cohesive management system and strategy. Cloud Pak for Data and its “Collect and organize” part helps to solve this challenge.
  • Difficulty in managing multiple disjointed solutions. IBM has a unique integrated platform: Cloud Pak for Data, which makes data management, analytics and data insight applications easier to control and manage compared to the multiple solutions that would be required to achieve the same goals.
  • The desire to increase innovation using artificial intelligence. Clients generally see AI as an advantage that can separate them from the competition in the future; Cloud Pak for Data helps companies leverage AI in their innovation activities with its Analyze and Infuse solutions.

Advantages of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Advantages that can be highlighted within the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform:

  • Containers and container management efficiency. With Cloud Pak for Data, companies can improve their cloud migration readiness, improve licensing flexibility with IBM, and reduce hardware purchases and infrastructure management efforts.
  • Advantages of data virtualization and management. Data virtualization “democratizes” data visibility across the organization, improves data governance and security, and can enable companies to avoid costly data migration projects.
  • Advantages of data science, ML (Machine Learning) and artificial intelligence. Data scientists are more productive with Cloud Pak for Data and can bring models to market faster. Additionally, thanks to Cloud Pak for Data’s integrated platform, companies avoid the costs associated with legacy analytics tools or in-house development of a comparable solution.
  • Advantages of a unified platform. There are potentially significant benefits related to the ability of different users within an organization to work on the same platform from a single vendor, from the ability to automate tasks (e.g. Augmented AI, Auto AI and Auto Discovery) to improved documentation capabilities that enable easier transfer of work between project teams or new project members.

Palantir for improved decision-making

To facilitate the implementation of artificial intelligence within the company’s operations, among the newer modules within the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, we can mention Palantir, more precisely, with its full name: Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM and Palantir have joined forces to help companies improve decision-making with reliable, predictive, data-driven insights. The solution leverages the data structure and automated AI lifecycle capabilities within the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform to build the foundation for low-development, and in some cases, no-code development business applications powered by Palantir. The partnership enables various industries, including retail, wholesale, financial services and automotive, to successfully adopt and scale AI in their business operations.

A few of the various benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Palantir that could be listed are: data fabric (provides access to data independent of its source), automated data management, automated AI lifecycle, explainable AI models, no-code or minimal environment by code and flexible implementation (various infrastructures using IBM Cloud Pak for Data).