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What does corporate volunteering look like in Megatrend?

Ines Jurišić

One of the most useful ways to help the community is certainly volunteering, and the corporate volunteering is interesting way how companies can transfer their knowledge to those who need it.

Volunteering can undoubtedly strengthen the organization itself and improve its corporate culture in a number of ways. It represents what the organization stands for, improves employee engagement and retention, encourages employees to work together, develops stronger customer relationships and overall improves corporate image.

The importance of corporate volunteering

Corporate social responsibility and corporate volunteering are becoming increasingly popular among companies in Croatia. Namely, Croatian companies have begun to recognize the long-term benefits provided by any kind of social engagement and giving back and helping to individuals and the community itself.

It is a specific way to contribute to the betterment of the community in which the company operates, and shows how the business sector can be philanthropic. Employees are given the opportunity to volunteer and provide their expertise pro bono, moreover to learn certain things themselves, while companies learn the importance of connecting the non-profit and profit sectors. It can be said that volunteering has always been a way of improving different types of skills, while helping the community.

In Croatia, corporate volunteering is a newer type of socially responsible business and as such has not yet been sufficiently recognized. Companies are not aware of the potential they can achieve through corporate volunteering and how they can contribute to the development of the non-profit sector, as well as society as a whole. This type of volunteering also contributes to the development of civil society in the long run. Consequently, the society itself will respond better to current problems and needs of the community.

Megatrend poslovna rješenja as a company recognized the need of the community and with its example showed what the concept of corporate volunteering looks like.

Megatrend’s two corporate volunteering actions

In two volunteering actions, we helped the smallest one (kids) and most endangered, as well as the environment.

In the first action we went to the Recycled Estate ZMAG and in a couple of hours we showed the best we can. Megatrend employees diligently weeded weeds for hours, cut branches and collected stakes for future seedlings. The estate works on the principle of recycling natural resources and thus builds houses, arranges the environment, collects seeds to preserve indigenous species etc. The manager of the estate, as well as its employees, took us around to show us the concept of construction. After lunch, the manager explained that with this project he wanted to show how it is possible to build not only a house but also a life by recycling.

In the second action, we went to the SOS Dječje selo Lekenik to help the little ones spend their days as happily as possible. As soon as we arrived, we grabbed our brushes and started painting the wooden houses, benches and fences. As SOS Dječje selo Lekenik has a small number of workers who, due to the volume of work, do not manage to do everything, we decided to jump in with a children’s playground. So we repainted the entire playground to make kids days as fun as possible. While we were having lunch, the employees of the SOS Dječje selo Lekenik explained to us the concept of caring for children, as well as the way they spend their days. As the school ended in the afternoon, the children went out to play and we headed home.

Megatrend encourages volunteer work

In this way, Megatrend employees introduced a new practice of corporate volunteering to the mutual satisfaction of employees and the company, and we believe the community as well.

The Megatrend poslovna rješenja company encourages its employees to do volunteer work, and starting this year it offers 5 paid days a year for volunteer work, 20% more than the regular salary.

We hope that with this example, we will encourage others to take corporate social responsibility in order to strengthen the community and help those in need.