An invitation to Watson webinar organized by Megatrend Business Solutions and IBM

Josipa Jurić

A new cognitive era in the world of computers is dawning. Watson is a new system developed by IBM that constantly grows, learns and evolves.

Discover how IBM Watson Analytics can advance your business:

  • By gaining all around access discover yet unseen correlations that affect your business the most
  • Ask questions the “regular way” and find out what you need concerning your data
  • Stay ahead of competition by using predictive analysis and by doing so stay ahead of your competition
  • Your business story can be told through simple and quickly generated visual arrange of displays

Join the “Watson Analytics – your cognitive view on data” webinar on 6th of April. Megatrend in association with IBM will teach you how to speed up the creation of data analysis and reports, engage in predictive analytics and unveil the deepest secrets hidden in your data.

IBM Watson webinar