The innovations presented at the Power of Data Spring 2023 conference

Ines Jurišić

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the conference Power of Data Spring 2023 was held by Megatrend Business Solutions at Riverside Garden in Zagreb.

The conference was attended by approximately 70 participants who were presented with the latest trends in business and technological solutions.

The theme of this year’s Power of Data conference was dedicated to AI solutions in business, focusing on practical applications of artificial intelligence in various industries.

The aim of the conference was to gather business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology experts to share their knowledge and experiences in implementing AI solutions. It also aimed to provide existing and potential clients with more information about successful business solutions that enhance performance in every industry.

In her opening speech, Anđelka Strajher, the CEO of Megatrend Business Solutions, presented the company’s significant achievements.

Following that, Domagoj Marić delivered a lecture on a currently highly relevant subfield of AI application – natural language processing. This field enables computers to understand, interpret, and generate content in human languages. With the advent of ChatGPT, this field has gained tremendous attention globally due to its potential applications in improving business processes and everyday life.

The conference continued with a presentation by Lucija Jusup, a Data Scientist at Megatrend Business Solutions, and Jelena Škalec, an Analytics Technical Sales specialist at IBM. They discussed current topics related to chatbots and how to build a trustworthy chatbot. They also shared their experiences from the region where successful implementations have been made. Users were introduced to IBM Watson Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery, the leading platform for creating virtual assistants/chatbots and document search.

Mario Jurić, Data Engineer and BI Consultant at Megatrend Business Solutions, spoke about the role and usage of new technologies in the tourism industry. Accordingly, he demonstrated how the use of natural language processing within our Hospitality Insights (HI) application enables easier management of hotel facilities and better understanding of guest feedback.

Damir Bacalja from IBM opened his lecture with the quote “Good, fast, cheap. Choose two options,” implying that one of these things needs to be sacrificed to achieve the other two. A similar analogy applies to the approach to applications and the resources required for their operation. As all three aspects are important for application performance, Turbonomic manages resources and allocates them to applications as needed, ensuring performance according to defined rules and at the lowest cost, regardless of whether they are on-prem or cloud applications.

Megatrend Business Solutions is known for developing and delivering high-quality business solutions based on the latest technologies in business analytics, Big Data, power computing, and data storage systems. In addition to these, Megatrend is actively involved in AI development and the creation of various number of applications.

If you missed this edition of the Power of Data conference, you can watch all the lecture recordings on Megatrend’s  YouTube channel.

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Mario Jurić, Megatrend poslovna rješenja

Lucija Jusup, Megatrend poslovna rješenja, Jelena Škalec, IBM

Domagoj Marić, Megatrend poslovna rješenja

Damir Bacalja, IBM