BARC names IBM a market leader in integrated planning & analytics


In this year’s “The Planning Survey 20”, the sixth in a row, in the field of planning software conducted by the consulting company BARC, IBM maintained its position among market leaders and, with its IBM Planning Analytics platform, earned 13 best and 21 leading places in the five different, so-called “peer groups” into which it is classified. Thus, in the group “Enterpries Software Vendors”, IBM surpassed the competition in customer satisfaction with performance and planning functionalities, and was declared a leader in the field of flexibility, simulations and ease of use.

BARC states in its report that as many as 86% of IBM Planning Analytics users would most likely or very likely recommend their planning software to other organizations. Given that only 17% of users choose a planning platform for technological reasons (the ability to store and process large amounts of data), 37% of users who choose IBM Planning Analytics for this reason is an excellent result. Apart from planning, IBM Planning Analytics is mostly used for ad-hoc reporting (91%), standard reporting within the organization (77%) and data analysis (72%), and 51% of respondents intend to use it in the future for advanced analytics.

BARC (Business Application Research Center) is a European analytical and consulting company specializing in the field of business software. Their survey called “The Planning Survey 20” is the largest and most comprehensive independent planning software survey, conducted from November 2019 to February 2020. The survey involved 1406 respondents and analyzed in detail and evaluated 23 different products currently available on the market .

Let’s also mention how IBM found itself in the position of market leader in the latest BARC report entitled “BARC Score: Integrated Planning & Analytics”, which is based on the overall results from “The Planning Survey” and “The BI Survey”, and numerous interactions by BARC analysts. According to BARC, this report “focuses on the planning and analytics market and analyzes the strengths and challenges of all leading vendors,” and what sets IBM apart from the competition is the scalability, flexibility, and integration of the entire planning and analytics product range that includes IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1, IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Watson Studio and IBM SPSS.

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