Computer vision goes to the store

Josipa Jurić

Have you ever wondered why products in stores are organized precisely the way they are? A strong correlation has been established between the product location with regards to customer eye level and sales. To put it simply, products that are more aligned with an average customer’s eye level are more likely to be bought. Research suggests that 76% of all shopping decisions are made on the spot, i.e. in the store.

In the article prepared by Zvonimir Cikojević, Machine Learning Engineer from Megatrend poslovna rješenja, for the magazine Mreža, find out more about the use of computer vision in the FMCG sector and our SOVA project!

Learn how solutions based on artificial intelligence help identify out-of-stock items and competitive product share. Read more about the SOVA solution that we are developing and how to use it to achieve significant savings in time and resources, get more accurate data and gain immediate and more frequent insights into the real situation in the store.

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