Data Science Economy 2019

Josipa Jurić

If you are interested in data science news, we are inviting you to join us at Data Science Economy conference which is supported and organized by Megatrend poslovna rješenja. Fourth year in a row, on May 16 and 17, in Zagreb KRAŠ Auditorium, more than 30 international and local experts will come together. On this occasion, through practical examples and workshops, they will show how to create values and new business models based on data (Big Data). Everything you need when including Data Science in your business, will be a part of “How to start and scale with Data Science” presentation. Presentation will be performed by Mario Jurić, Big Data & Data Science team leader. Along with some useful tips you will be able to learn about tools which make data scientist’s life easier. All questions about deep learning you may have, will be answered by our data scientist Marko Dobrinić, who will hold “Developing real world applications with computer vision“ workshop during conference. Using IBM Power AI Vision will show you how to apply computer sight, recognize objects and classify images in different business occasions. Learn more about conference and presentations on conference web page.