Employees educations

Josipa Jurić

Company Megatrend Business Solutions began with new cycle of education for its employees. From the beginning of November all employees have started to participate in training programs to increase their general business competences.

Employees have already attended an introductory lectures from the educational modules: communication skills, organization and efficiency, sales skills, presentation skills and managerial skills.

These trainings are performed in collaboration with Creativa Ltd. for development of organizational, professional and personal effectiveness (

The completion of the first part of educational trainings for general business competences is scheduled at the end of January 2016. After completion of this educational module company continues with further professional employees trainings from the areas of its business activities.

This cycle of education is performed within the project ,,Continuously educating and enhancing the skills and competencies of employees,,. For that project, company Megatrend Business Solutions has received a grant from European Union from European Structural and Investment funds –