ICT 2015

Josipa Jurić

Anđelka Strajher, CEO, Boris Stipetić, Head of Technology Solutions Department, and Renato Telen, Head of Data Center, participated in the conference “ICT 2015 Innovate, Transform, Connect”. The conference was held in Lisbon on October 20 – 22, 2015 under the initiative Digital Agenda for Europe organized by the European Commission.

In three days our representatives attended many interesting lectures and panels with special emphasis on new research and development in the ICT industry.

The digital economy, with its progress, in the last few years has changed the world – in the advancement of medical diagnosis, predictions of car accidents, floods, injuries, in the form of help for elderly people, children or people with special needs, by environmental protection, by creation of innovative materials… The European Commission has seen how digitization enables better life for people and economy. The latest achievements in the field of the new digital economy that is daily changing in front of our eyes, and which is redesigned using a big data, cloud, 5G and the Internet of Things… were presented.

Digitization present today created a new era of entrepreneurship. During the conference a great emphasis on female entrepreneurship was demonstrated.

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