Information: Currency of the Future

Josipa Jurić

The 8th Mreža Smart Day event entitled “Information: Currency of the Future” was held in Zagreb, in Europa cinema, on September the 22th. Company Megatrend Business Solutions participated as partner on this event.

The opening presentation was held by Mario Jurić, Head of Business Solutions department, from Megatrend Business Solutions. He presented the importance of valid and accurate information in everyday business and pointed to new trends in the field of business analytics.

The presentation was followed by roundtable discussion with the participation of renowned experts from Croatian IT sector: Jasna Vujnović, Executive director for Public sector – IN2, Ante Laušić, Board Member – mStart, Hrvoje Somun, CEO – APIS IT and Damir Zec, CEO – IBM Croatia. Moderator of this roundtable discussion was Mario Jurić, Head of Business Solutions department from Megatrend Business Solutions. Panelists shared their experiences and gave many examples for information technology from Croatian public and private sectors, business intelligence, big data and cloud. All panelists agreed that Croatia lacks highly qualified professionals and that higher education institutions need to recognize the importance for new skills and adapt their educational programs.

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