Lecture on Databases at a Data Science Conference

Josipa Jurić

We had the opportunity to participate in Data Science Croatia, the leading conference in the field of data science in the SEE & CE region. The conference bring latest trends from data science and AI field. As the conference was divided into several halls, all lovers of these areas could find something for themselves. Through a series of interesting lectures, the participants found out how leading IT leaders in Croatia use Big Data to ensure business progress. Also, the participants could hear how to solve various real world problems with the help of AI and get some new ideas for improving one’s own projects.

Our CTO, Renato Telen, gave an interesting lecture on databases, their past, present and what we can expect in a few years. He emphasized the growing importance of investing in databases for companies and introduced the IBM Cloud Pak for Data – an integrated platform for data collection, processing and analysis. By investing in the development of such platforms, companies will be able to better integrate and engage data to achieve more successful business results.