Megatrend – Mamforce certificate winner

Josipa Jurić

Importance of concern about our employees brought us another recognition – Mamforce standard!

From its very beginning, Megatrend poslovna rješenja was a place that appreciated brilliance rather than gender. Company’s effort to create and maintain private and business life balance of employees is recognized by Mamforce Institute too. Mamforce certificate is awarded to few Croatian companies among which Megatrend got recognized.

Mamforce certificate standard confirms well performed practical work and supports creating family responsible and gender-aware politics in order to enable easy development of one’s career regardless parenthood or gender. Mamforce standard rewarded board president, Anđelka Strajher, at conference “Responsible employers for responsible parenthood”. The conference was organized by Jutarnji list, Mamforce Institute and Croatian Employers Association in order to successfully conducting family awareness policy. ”This recognition is very important for Megatrend because it shows good work and that effort invested in our most precious asset, our employees, paid off. This recognition obligates us to continue on the same path.”, stated Anđelka Strajher, our CEO, during certificate awards.

,,We promote family responsible work place, and support companies to be friendly when it comes to careers of women. A place where women are satisfied, successful and active at work, is a place of successful economies.It is actually that simple.”– stated Diana Kobas Dešković, initiator of Mamforce standard and director of Mamforce Institute.