Megatrend was given “Family friendly employer” award

Josipa Jurić

On Tuesday, May 20th 2018, hotel Esplanade in Zagreb hosted conference about socially responsible businesses and 11th award show DOP Index. Ministry of Social Policy and Youth awarded “Family friendly employer” award to Megatrend poslovna rješenja. Recognition was delivered by Ministry of Social Policy and Youth assistant, to Megatrend’s marketing manager, Josipa Jurić.

This recognition supported positive employer’s initiatives connected to socially responsible behavior to employees and their families. Award winners stood out with their quality programs, employee benefits and innovative solutions for conducting family friendly business measures.

”This award is very important for Megatrend because it shows good work and that effort invested in our most precious asset, our employees, paid off. This recognition obligates us to continue on the same path.” stated Ante Laušić, member of administration in Megatrend poslovna rješenja. Along with Megatrend, recognition was given to three other companies– MAI MA.PO, Business Intelligence and Ericsson Nikola Tesla.