Megatrend’s AI helped choose photographs for the Emptyscapes exhibition

Josipa Jurić

The exhibition EMPTYSCAPES – the result of the travelogue Chronicle of Global Warming: Episode II, by the Croatian travel writer Oleg Maštruko, opened in Zagreb on December 22.

The idea behind ​​the Chronicles of Global Warming series is to visit the places that are most affected by the current changes in living conditions caused by the climate.

The selection of photographs for this exhibition is unique because it was helped by artificial intelligence – by photo selection algorithm developed in collaboration with our company.

We are proud that our AI helped choose photographs for the exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition is set in the open space, on the front of the HKS building (Vukasovićeva 3). The exhibition is available 24 hours a day, until the end of February.

Visit the exhibition and enjoy the art!