New features of the Hospitality Insights application

Josipa Jurić

We are continuously improving the user experience and introducing new functionalities on our Hospitality Insights (HI) application.

New features available from mid-December in Hospitality Insights v2.1:

  • Survey statuses have been introduced – the user is enabled to create a draft survey and thus prepare and test the survey before publishing. In addition to the draft status, the survey can be found in open and closed status.
  • New – multi-page survey. We have introduced an additional level of custom survey creation. The user can easily prepare a survey on more than one page or just one page.
  • The feature of generating a PDF with a QR code has been expanded, from now on the user can further personalize the document.

Hospitality Insights is a platform that provides an amazing guest experience to help improve guest feedback, measure their satisfaction, and report it to management.

Explore the Hospitality Insights application on the official website or read our article How to provide guests with a 5-star experience!

Are you in the hospitality industry and think HI could help you understand your guests? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to walk you through the app to see whether it meets your needs.