Predictive Analytics lecture

Josipa Jurić

On 29 – 30 October 2015  the conference “Insurance products sales and marketing” was held in the Westin Hotel in Zagreb.  The Institute for Insurance and Svijet osiguranja magazine, published by Tectus Ltd., have organized this 3rd international conference. One of the sponsors of this conference was Megatrend Business Solutions.

The conference brought together about 100 experts in the fields of sales and marketing of insurance products from Croatia and abroad. The aim of this conference was to study the current issues in the field of sales and marketing. The results will contribute in creating a better sales strategy of insurance companies in Croatia and the ex-Yugoslavia region and will encourage the correction of current practices.

On the first day of this conference, Business Solutions Consultants from our company, Maja Šekoranja and Predrag Stojić, held an interesting lecture about Predictive analytics.

Our consultants presented possibilities of using the tools for predictive analytics for sales and marketing of insurance products. They also demonstrated case studies and features of the IBM SPSS Modeler tool for predictive analytics using the examples of the insurance companies.

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