Semantic search solution presented on Women in Finance conference

Josipa Jurić

At the 4th Conference for Women in Finance, Tina Knežević, development engineer from Megatrend poslovna rješenja, presented the company’s solution for semantic search.

The conference, organized by the businesswoman network – Women in Adria, brought together top managers who shared their career situations.

Tina’s lecture brought the audience closer to how technology can solve key issues in various business processes. She introduced the participants with uses of artificial intelligence in the search for large amounts of data and how with its use we can more efficiently search for corporate documents, and at the same time reveal hidden values ​​in the data.

As part of the presentation, Megatrend’s own solution for semantic search adapted to the Croatian language was presented. This solution can be implemented in various applications, such as a search engine or for emails searchning.

For all your additional questions about how semantic search through our solution can help you, feel free to contact us!