Strong bodies, strong minds: How does Megatrend contribute?

Ines Jurišić

Sport has the power to change lives. Whether you are a professional athlete or just a recreational participant, the physical and mental benefits that sports bring are undeniable. At Megatrend, we believe that sport connects people, promotes health, and creates positive changes in our communities. That is why we are dedicated to supporting sports activities of all kinds, from volunteering opportunities (which you can read more about here) to supporting professional teams.

We also believe that sport has the power to inspire and educate, which is why we strive to promote fair play, teamwork, and leadership skills through our support programs. We believe that by creating these values, we can help create a brighter future for everyone.

That is precisely why we have decided to support Igor and Vanja, who regularly compete in several cycling disciplines and both win medals in national and other competitions.

One of their most significant achievements is their recent 3rd place finish in the amateur category at the 4 Islands Croatia mountain bike race, which took place in Krk, Cres, Rab, and Lošinj from April 18th to 24th, 2023, where we supported them through sponsorship.

Thanks to their high placement, they have qualified for the Cape Epic race, which takes place in South Africa.

The Cape Epic race was first held in 2004 and has since become the biggest mountain biking event in the world. It takes place in South Africa and consists of 8 stages over 8 days, covering a total distance of 680km with 17,000 meters of ascent. It is also known as the toughest MTB (mountain bike) race.