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Anđelka Strajher participates in Femme STEM

On March 10, Anđelka Strajher will participate in the Femme STEM event, which, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, brings together successful women in the industry and students in the STEM field. Anđelka will share her experiences with the audience about the importance of acquiring STEM skills from an… Continue Reading

Enhancing Network Coverage Planning

A Top-tier telecom faced the challenge of their mobile network coverage calculation and other relevant layers for network planning because they require a lot of manual work, 3rd party projects, etc. These time-consuming processes were slowing down the implementation of IT projects throughout the organization. Their solution was developed in… Continue Reading

Ivana Bošković for VIDI CEO Tech Predictions

The beginning of the year is the right time to be inspired by the latest trends that await us in the tech business. In its new issue, tech magazine VIDI brings its traditional topic of predicting technological trends, VIDI CEO Tech Predictions. Ivana Bošković, CEO of Megatrend poslovna rješenja, gave… Continue Reading

How companies are using graph databases today

Every business today is experiencing digital transformation, a journey that requires flexibility, rapid innovation, and the ability to transfer data at real time. The need for real time data processing has led to the development of graph databases – systems that can provide the ability to store and query relationships… Continue Reading

Hospitality Insights solution for Večernji list

Hospitality Insights is a product intended for entities in the hospitality industry who want to raise their service to a new level and improve the satisfaction of their customers. Every user experience is valuable information that can completely change the business. Therefore, it is very important to understand the power… Continue Reading

How leading companies use the power of data visualization

Graph databases are used in various industries, from telecommunications, hotels, to various banking and other financial institutions, for the purposes of sales and monitoring sales chains, all the way the way to government institutions and monitoring security processes. Due to their efficiency when processing highly related data and simple… Continue Reading

Megatrend holiday greetings

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and partnership! This year has been really exciting for all of us, and together, we have achieved so much.At this special time of the year, we wish you to find peace… Continue Reading