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Fruits of scale

In our previous blog post (click here), we talked about the new era of artificial intelligence, image generation models, and their exponential growth. It is important to note that our advancements in, say, image generation models were, for the most part, not the result of some deep insights that… Continue Reading

Future predictions

The final part of the blog series “The Future of Artificial Intelligence: The Power of Intelligence” will begin with a key question: How far are we from realizing such systems in our world? Suppose we had a thousand years before any machine with a human-level cognition, then these things… Continue Reading

Capabilities of AI

Following my previous blog, in this section, I will substantiate the potential of artificial intelligence. There’s an observation which is kind of trivial, but also non-obvious: that human beings are, more-or-less, the stupidest possible species capable of inventing technology — since, if any stupider species was… Continue Reading

The Future of AI

Building the future In the first few posts (for more information, click here) of this series, I presented some basic arguments why artificial intelligence could be a big thing and why it could happen very soon. Even if that’s the case, it’s not entirely clear what to do. It’s truly… Continue Reading

The new era of AI

Perhaps one of the few things about AI that everyone can agree about is that it is in the state of rapid change and expansion. Though the academic efforts stretch back to the middle of the last century, there is a tangible sense in which nothing much happened, at least… Continue Reading