Better benefits for Megatrend employees with the use of the Moontop application

Josipa Jurić

The strength of the Megatrend poslovna rješenja company lies in their employees, high-quality specialists, exceptional experts in industry who apply their solutions and services. Therefore, their satisfaction is crucial to company.  

Megatrend poslovna rješenja are continuously working to improve the attraction and retention of the best talents. In order to improve the satisfaction of their employees, they have recently enabled their employees to use numerous digital benefits through cooperation with the Croatian startup Moontop.

Moontop is innovative Croatian tech company specialized in the human resources industry.

The Moontop app functions as a one-stop shop and offers employees the opportunity for tax-free receipts. With Moontop, employees can choose from a wide range of products and services: sports, food, beauty services, children’s gifts, apartment rentals, education and many other benefits. More information about the Moontop application and all the benefits that employees can use can be found on the official website.

From now on, it is easier for Megatrend employees to order food delivery to the office or to any location in the home office. Moontop has thus come to the fore in companies within the Megatrend Group that operate in several locations and whose employees work in a hybrid way, combining work from home and office. On the other hand, Megatrend cleverly uses non-taxable income in kind of up to 12.000,00 HRK per year for employee food expenses, which makes their employees more satisfied.

With this cooperation, Megatrend business solutions achieve a measurable and equal employee reward program.

Anđelka Strajher, Megatrend poslovna rješenja and Branimir Gospić, Moontop. Foto: Ratko Mavar