Ivana Bošković panelist at the ”Žene i točka” conference

Josipa Jurić

The seventh edition of the International Conference on Women in Entrepreneurship “Žene i točka” will be held on Friday, December 2, 2022, at the Gacka Public Open University in Otočac, starting at 10 a.m.

This year’s one-day conference will also gather business women with great experience from Croatia and abroad in one place who will share with a large audience their business experiences, secrets of success and valuable advice for all women who are also in entrepreneurship or want to join it.

The conference promotes the success of women in entrepreneurship, with examples of good practice from Croatia and countries in the region, and the exchange of experiences and knowledge with current topics with panel discussions and excellent lecturers.

The conference consists of three interesting panels where a total of eighteen excellent businesswomen who have achieved careers in various branches of entrepreneurship will speak. The first panel will be on the topic “Transformation of work into a career”, the second panel is entitled “Digital transformation of women’s business – navigating new business fields“, while the third panel is entitled “Dare and do not hesitate – the formula for sustainable business success“.

Ivana Bošković panelist

Ivana Bošković, director of Megatrend poslovna rješenja, is participating as one of the panelists on the topic “Digital transformation of women’s business – navigating new business fields”. Predictions say that in the next twenty years, the business environment will fundamentally change. What are the biggest obstacles to implementing changes in the business environment? Ivana and four other experts Araksi Mikaelijan, Gordana Soldo, Jelena Milojković and Tanja Fric will give you a detailed answer to that question.

The goal of this event is to highlight the position of women in entrepreneurship, to show their contribution and ideas, and to strengthen networking and empower women to become self-employed. It is important to emphasize successes and use them as motivation so that female entrepreneurs can achieve the development of international ideas and entrepreneurial projects, regardless of religious, national or ethical affiliation.

The conference will be held live and online, and you can register here.

”Žene i točka” is an event you don’t want to miss!