Our team members on IBM Customer Care Technical Academy EMEA

Josipa Jurić

Last week our team members Lucija Jusup and Domagoj Marić expended their knowledge on improving customer experiences on the IBM Customer Care Technical Academy in Copenhagen.

This course covered IBM’s Data & AI for Customer Care solution, which is truly differentiated in its ability to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Companies are vastly expanding their investment in conversational AI to survive and thrive in today’s digital marketplace. Watson Customer Care helps companies improve customer experiences by engaging them through highly personalised and effortless interactions on the channel of their choice – underpinned by powerful AI that understands their intent and predicts the best way to meet their needs-with seamless hand-off to correct human agents where necessary. IBM’s Customer Care solutions provide market-leading Natural Language AI for excellent first contact resolution while dramatically reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Lucija and Domagoj learnt to help clients address their business challenges, and what the products are that provide those capabilities. A hands-on lab followed up Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery.

Lucija and Domagoj strengthened their knowledge to:

  • Complete Watson Assistant PoCs that provide complex flows for the customer as well as integrate with multiple channels and third party applications.
  • Complete Watson Discovery PoCs that showcase Discovery’s intelligent document understanding and advanced capabilities.
  • Intelligently discuss deployment models and how best to provide Watson services to the customer.

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