Presenting the Hospitality Insights app at the Best Stay event

Josipa Jurić

From October 12 to 14, 2022, we are participating in the Best Stay event, the leading conference in the field of hospitality in Croatia, in order to present Hospitality Insights, our software solution for service industries.

The Hospitality Insights platform provides amazing guest experience by collecting information, processing it and reporting it to management.

And you can find out a detailed insight into all the advantages and functionalities of the application from the first-hand experience of our client. Samanta Macan, Front Desk Manager from Mon Perin, will give a presentation showing how they introduced the app to their business and improved the experience of their camp guests.

The presentation is on the conference schedule on Friday, October 14. You will have the opportunity to learn more:

  • What can the insights tell us about guest satisfaction with hotel services, during and after their stay?
  • How does the Hospitality Insights app differ from other apps, and what has been its value to camping grounds specifically?
  • Getting feedback about every aspect of your business – Examples of how this helps to improve guest experience
  • The “How to guide”: Showing your guests how much you value them and motivating them to return

Find our booth during the conference to learn more about our new Hospitality Insights app and how it can help your business!

Are you in the hospitality business and think Hospitality Insights could help you understand your guests? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to walk you through the app to see first-hand whether it meets your needs.