SQream on Data Science Conference Croatia

Josipa Jurić

Our partner SQream Technologies participated at the DSC Croatia 2022 Conference – leading conference in the field of data science in the SEE & CE region.

SQream is a hybrid analytics platform that gives you the critical insights you need, when you need them – on any size data. It is Available on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud and Azure. It is built to harness the raw brute-force power and high throughput capabilities of the GPU, on-premise, on the cloud or hybrid. With MPP-on-chip capabilities, the fully relational SQream DB SQL database comes with automatic tuning, ultra fast performance, class-leading compression, and extreme scalability.

The platform is designed for massive, dynamic workloads. SQream is built with algorithms to handle the most challenging scenarios, and optimized for the largest datasets, where typical database optimizations fail.

SQreams Senior Vice President for EMEA, David Akka held a lecture Building smarter ML and AI models and making them more accurate’’ in which he emphasized all of the advantages of SQreams approach to databases and explained how this superior infrastructure can help build better ML models.

SQream’s expert technical team made sure that everything was not just left at the lecture. Interested visitors were provided with first-hand information in their booth regarding the integration and advantages for specific cases. Participants showed great interest in this innovative platform.

If you missed this edition of the conference and the presentation of our partner, but you are interested in the possibilities of using the SQream platform, contact us for a presentation meeting.