The latest trends in the world of business solutions presented at the Power of Data conference

Josipa Jurić

Megatrend poslovna rješenja held its traditional Power of Data Autumn 2022 conference in Zagreb on September 27, 2022. The main topic of the conference was the application of artificial intelligence in business and innovative business solutions. Megatrend’s experts, together with clients and partners, presented to the audience the latest trends in the world of business solutions.

Ana Duvnjak, Division Manager from APIS IT, presented a virtual AI tax advisor – a virtual assistant on which experts from APIS IT and Megatrend poslovna rješenja work together. The virtual assistant was designed to speed up customer support, enable constant availability, ensure consistency in responses and reduce costs. Ana introduced the participants to all the stages of development of the virtual assistant, the challenges of adapting the chatbot to the Croatian language, what has been done so far and what they are planning for the future.

Branka Anadolac, Megatrend’s business advisor, and Radovan Ratko Đurđević, Senior Project Manager from the SONO IT, presented a joint application for the digitalization of operational tasks in retail. Through a brief overview of how the application works, it is shown how tasks and surveys are completed by employees in the store, how the productivity of the branch is measured, and how smart reports enable management to make better business decisions. The application enables better management of sales employees, timely exchange of information in the retail chain, and enables the measurement of the branch’s productivity.

A small overview of the history of databases, when they were created, how they were used, what were the significant points of development was brought by Renato Telen, CTO of Megatrend poslovna rješenja. Participants learned what the databases are like today. Overview of their use and the main changes was presented, as well as what is expected in the near and slightly further future. Renato explained today’s trends in the field of databases: Augmented Analytics, Continuous Intelligence, Augmented Data Management, Explainable AI, Graph Databases, Data Fabric, NLC / Conversational Analytics, Commercial AI and ML.

As part of the conference, IBM expert Marko Štrkalj introduced the participants to the possibilities of automation in business. He presented IBM Automation Software – a set of platforms for high-scale IT automation that can bring numerous advantages to companies, individuals and eco-systems. Automation is still happening today, centuries later after the first applications, but using some other technologies – of course, with the help of artificial intelligence. Marko mentioned business operations, IT and networks, and data flows as the three areas of automation in IT that can be focused on. During his presentation, he also presented IBM Instanta Observability, an automated APM solution for applications in the cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid clouds.

“As in previous editions of our Power of Data conference, we educated participants about the latest technologies and exchanged knowledge. We are looking forward to the organization and our next editions of the conference, where our goal is to bring the most advanced digital technology closer to the participants,” said Ivana Bošković, director of Megatrend poslovna rješenja.

If you missed the live edition of the Power of Data conference, you can watch all recordings of the lectures on Megatrend’s YouTube channel.

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Ana Duvnjak, APIS IT

Branka Anadolac, Megatrend poslovna rješenja

Radovan Ratko Đurđević, SONO IT

Marko Štrkalj, IBM Hrvatska