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Progressive web applications

In this blog we will talk about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as a combination of mobile and web applications. Since nowadays almost every person owns at least one mobile device and most often uses it when accessing different digital services, it is necessary to find the best way to enable… Continue Reading

Business use cases of graph databases

Graph databases are used in various industries, from telecommunications, hospitality, to various banking and other financial institutions, for the purposes of sales and monitoring sales chains, all the way to government institutions and monitoring security processes. Graph databases and Neo4j Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query… Continue Reading

How to provide guests with a 5 star experience

Service activities largely depend on the satisfaction of end users. A satisfied guest will not only be happy to return, but will also share his experience with others and thus attract new guests. But the same is true the other way around, an unsatisfied guest brings with him many lost… Continue Reading

Semantic search of documents

Searching for content is an activity that we all do regularly for private or business purposes, whether it’s searching databases, documents or web pages. Unlike searching paper documents, where the only way to find specific content is to read all the documents, with digitization we have greatly reduced the time… Continue Reading

Neo4j in finance

Following the previous blog Neo4j in sales, in the last blog related to the series Graph databases and Neo4j we will focus on the world of finance and how graph databases help in solving problems and facilitating everyday financial processes. But first, let’s remind ourselves once… Continue Reading

Neo4j for Retail

In our last blog post Neo4j for Telecoms we showed some examples of the usage of graph databases in the telecommunications industry. In this blog post, we will take a peek into the world of retail and discover how graph databases can help in personalizing a… Continue Reading

Neo4j for Telecoms

Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query Language and those that don’t, a.k.a. NoSQL databases. One type of NoSQL database are graph databases. A graph database is based, as the name suggests, on a graph. The graph contains nodes and relationships between these nodes, also nodes and… Continue Reading

Community detection at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is a very popular event, both inside and outside Europe, in which each participating country sends one representative who then competes to win Eurovision. The voting system has been changed constantly over the years. The most general rule for voting is that there are votes from… Continue Reading