The history of computer vision and the evolution of autonomous vehicles

Computer vision is one of the fields of artificial intelligence which was developed from digital image processing, and whose focus is enabling computer systems to retrieve information from images and to understand images in the same way humans do.

Integrate and engage all your organization’s data for better business outcomes

Every organization is looking for ways to unlock its data to be innovative and stay competitive. Most organizations face significant challenges in collecting, storing, and analyzing data as data environments become increasingly complex. Complexity is caused by several factors: Data is located in many different places, so-called data silos the volume of data generated and […]

All you need to know to make your first web scraper

As the amount of information available on the web grows and the information becomes more valuable, the field of automated systematic web browsing is becoming increasingly important. More information and better information is extremely important for making good business decisions, which is why it is useful to know how to automatically access larger amounts of […]

Community detection at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is a very popular event, both inside and outside Europe, in which each participating country sends one representative who then competes to win Eurovision. The voting system has been changed constantly over the years. The most general rule for voting is that there are votes from the jury and from televoters […]