računalni vide u trgovini

Computer vision goes to the store

It has been estimated that 76% of all shopping decisions are made on the spot. Naturally you could assume that most of the shopping is done impulsively, which is precisely the assumption manufacturers and distributors rely on when investing heavily in this final sales step. Retail execution is a term that describes the optimization of […]

Exploit the power of deep learning with IBM Watson Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is older than the Internet, while the term “artificial intelligence” was coined for the 1956 Dartmouth College Summer Research Workshop. Since then, artificial intelligence has occasionally, but always strikingly, come to the center of attention. Nowadays, we use artificial intelligence on a daily basis, and there is almost no industry in which artificial […]

Machine Learning deployment services

The main goal of this blog is to demonstrate how to serve a deep learning model for image classification. The most widely used tools for serving deep learning models via API are NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, TensorFlow Serving and TorchServe. TensorFlow Serving is used to serve deep learning models implemented in the TensorFlow framework and […]

Uvod u Docker

Introduction to Docker

In this blog, we will introduce to you the Docker containerization platform. We will explain the difference between a container and a virtual machine (VM) and list some advantages and disadvantages. We will then walk you through the basic commands and finally run a simple Django app inside the Docker container. Containers vs virtual machines […]

programski jezik Python

The rise of the Python programming language

Python is a programming language which over the last decade had a continuously secured place among the most popular programming languages in the world, and this year, too, it seems that there is no end to its rise in popularity. Today it can be found everywhere, whether in the industry or in the academic domain. […]

News and trends in the world of data science

Following the latest news and developments in the world of artificial intelligence, or more closely, in the world of data science, can be quite a challenging task. There is a lot of news, trends change day by day, scientific articles are published on a daily basis and it is difficult to filter all the information […]

Neo4j for Telecoms

Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query Language and those that don’t, a.k.a. NoSQL databases. One type of NoSQL database are graph databases. A graph database is based, as the name suggests, on a graph. The graph contains nodes and relationships between these nodes, also nodes and relationships may have additional attributes […]

regularni izrazi

Regex crash course

Regular expressions are character sequences which represent a set of character sequences (strings, search patterns) according to certain syntax rules. They are useful for finding specific information within a larger quantity of text data. Regular expressions have many applications: search engines, string search algorithms (find, find and replace systems), preprocessing of text data, data cleaning, […]

augmentacija slika, afine sugmentacije

Image Augmentation with TensorFlow

Image augmentation is a procedure, used in image classification problems, in which the image dataset is artificially expanded by applying various transformations to those images. The purpose of image augmentation is two-fold.