AI tolls for generating images and how to use them

What do AI-generated images look like?

Short answer – (almost) whatever you want them to. With enough luck and a big enough number of attempts of course. The long answer starts with a short explanation of how text-to-image generation works these days. Or you can just scroll a little lower and see some examples. Diffusion models Diffusion is a novel approach […]

Blog srticle SQream database DB and big data

SQream DB – Fastest Time to Insight for Data at Any Scale

SQream is a hybrid analytics platform that gives you the critical insights you need when you need them – on any size of data. SQream DB is a modern RDBMS database designed for data warehousing of large amounts of data (Big Data) with additional acceleration through graphics processors (GPU). Primarily published in 2014 in Silicon […]

Blog article about future of artificial intelligence and safety

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: The Power of Intelligence

This is the first part of a series of blog posts about the future of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the importance of working on its safety. We live in strange times. Not in the last few years, what with the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and the inflation and everything, but […]

Blog o virtualnim asistentima, NLP-u, korisničkoj podršci

AI Customer Care Ecosystem

With huge amounts of text data available and an increasing number of users, it is increasingly difficult to provide fast and high-quality support to users. With the help of artificial intelligence models and natural language processing, today it is possible to automate a decent part of customer support, either in terms of automating the conversation […]

progresivne web aplikacije, PWA, web i mobilne aplikacije

Progressive web applications

In this blog we will talk about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as a combination of mobile and web applications. Since nowadays almost every person owns at least one mobile device and most often uses it when accessing different digital services, it is necessary to find the best way to enable users to quickly and easily […]

Platforma za podatke

Data and AI

More and more companies are trying to consolidate all their data work and artificial intelligence into a single platform. However, not all platforms are created equal. Recently, many service providers who claim to deliver the full spectrum of data and AI capabilities, but often with mixed results have used the term very loosely. IBM Cloud […]

Poslovne primjene grafova

Business use cases of graph databases

Graph databases are used in various industries, from telecommunications, hospitality, to various banking and other financial institutions, for the purposes of sales and monitoring sales chains, all the way to government institutions and monitoring security processes. Graph databases and Neo4j Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query Language and those that don’t, […]

otimizacija skladišta, ruta, procesa

Warehouse/route/process optimization

Optimization is already a well-known term and optimization models have been an integral part of every serious business for some time. In the USA, optimization methods were developed during World War II primarily for military logistics problems, such as optimizing the transport of troops and equipment in convoys. Optimization, in the simplest terms, is finding […]

zadovoljni gosti hotela

How to provide guests with a 5 star experience

Service activities largely depend on the satisfaction of end users. A satisfied guest will not only be happy to return, but will also share his experience with others and thus attract new guests. But the same is true the other way around, an unsatisfied guest brings with him many lost guests who will avoid that […]