Poslovne primjene grafova

Business use cases of graph databases

Graph databases are used in various industries, from telecommunications, hospitality, to various banking and other financial institutions, for the purposes of sales and monitoring sales chains, all the way to government institutions and monitoring security processes. Graph databases and Neo4j Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query Language and those that don’t, […]

otimizacija skladišta, ruta, procesa

Warehouse/route/process optimization

Optimization is already a well-known term and optimization models have been an integral part of every serious business for some time. In the USA, optimization methods were developed during World War II primarily for military logistics problems, such as optimizing the transport of troops and equipment in convoys. Optimization, in the simplest terms, is finding […]

zadovoljni gosti hotela

How to provide guests with a 5 star experience

Service activities largely depend on the satisfaction of end users. A satisfied guest will not only be happy to return, but will also share his experience with others and thus attract new guests. But the same is true the other way around, an unsatisfied guest brings with him many lost guests who will avoid that […]

Visualization of high-dimensional data

In the world of machine learning, one often deals with datasets whose dimensions (number of features) are in the thousands. Also, since we as humans are not capable of perceiving beyond the third dimension, such data makes it very difficult for us to find any meaningful pattern within it and just that is actually the […]

WebDriver Automation – Selenium WebDriver

What is Selenium? Selenium is a group of open source tools and libraries that are aimed at automating operations within the web browser, whether it is for testing web applications, automated web browsing, downloading content (web scraping) or automating some operations for which it is inefficient and unnecessary to always be done by human users. […]

News and trends in the world of data science

In the previous blog post about news in the world of data science, we wrote about types of artificial intelligence and Gato, a model developed by Deepmind that presents itself as a model of artificial general intelligence. This time we will write about data sonification, we are going to explain what this process represents and […]

Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight is a business intelligence service infused with machine learning functionalities, intended for cloud computing, which is a part of the Amazon Web Services solutions. As with any business intelligence tool, the ultimate goal of Quicksight is to extract useful insights from data to support the decision-making process. The final product of the Quicksight […]

YOLO algoritam računalnog vida

Application of the YOLO computer vision algorithm

The name YOLO algorithm (You Only Look Once) suggests that it is an algorithm from the subgroup of One-Stage computer vision algorithms. It shares the single-level group together with the SSD (Single Shot Detection) Algorithm which is somewhat more precise than the YOLO algorithm, but also slower. The speed and real-time application are the main […]

Semantičko pretraživanje dokumenata

Semantic search of documents

Searching for content is an activity that we all do regularly for private or business purposes, whether it’s searching databases, documents or web pages. Unlike searching paper documents, where the only way to find specific content is to read all the documents, with digitization we have greatly reduced the time and amount of performing such […]