preditivna analitika

Predicitive analytics

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it – predictive analytics is there to learn all the patterns from history, so that the positive outcomes can be repeated and the mistakes are avoided. What exactly is predictive analytics? Predictive analytics is a branch of data science, which, by using and processing […]

What does corporate volunteering look like in Megatrend?

One of the most useful ways to help the community is certainly volunteering, and the corporate volunteering is interesting way how companies can transfer their knowledge to those who need it. Volunteering can undoubtedly strengthen the organization itself and improve its corporate culture in a number of ways. It represents what the organization stands for, […]

Neo4j in finance

Following the previous blog Neo4j in sales, in the last blog related to the series Graph databases and Neo4j we will focus on the world of finance and how graph databases help in solving problems and facilitating everyday financial processes. But first, let’s remind ourselves once again what lies behind the term graph database. Graph […]

Optimal decision making

We make decisions every day, both in private and in business life. Most of these decisions are made intuitively without much thinking. Sometimes this is because we have found ourselves in a similar situation several times before, so we already “know” what to do. Sometimes we don’t have enough information, so intuition is all we […]

News and trends in the world of data science

In a previous blog post about recent news in the world of data science, we wrote about Deepfakes and DeepMind’s Ithaca, a tool that in a way deals with predicting events in the past. This time we will once again talk about a tool developed by DeepMind that is currently being debated as to whether […]

Versioning data using DVC

Introduction Most developers have come across a source code versioning system – Git, but how do you manage (large) files that Git doesn’t keep track of? In this blog, we will introduce you to the open source version control system DVC (Data Version Control). DVC allows you to track file versions and store them in […]

A cookbook for making your own Watson chatbot

What is a chatbot? Chatbot is a term that refers to virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence that improve and automate some business processes by simulating a human as a conversational partner. By saving time and resources, they help people so that they can dedicate themselves to other, more important tasks. Chatbots are most commonly […]

DataOps paradigm for better data insights

In modern information systems, regardless of the industry, the data available to the company is the main driver for innovation and maintaining an advantage over the numerous competition. Understanding one’s own digital data is a key factor in understanding business trends and opportunities, as well as producing business analytics and statistics, and helping and accelerating […]

Automating tasks in Linux using Cron

Not many of us have the time or energy to run scripts for system backup at 2 AM or ping the server to check if it’s up and running. Fortunately, Linux systems offer the Cron service for automating periodic tasks. The name Cron comes from the Greek word chronos[1] which means time. Tasks that are […]