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The rise of the Python programming language

Python is a programming language which over the last decade had a continuously secured place among the most popular programming languages in the world, and this year, too, it seems that there is no end to its rise in popularity. Today it can be found everywhere, whether in the industry… Continue Reading

News and trends in the world of data science

Following the latest news and developments in the world of artificial intelligence, or more closely, in the world of data science, can be quite a challenging task. There is a lot of news, trends change day by day, scientific articles are published on a daily basis and it is difficult… Continue Reading

Neo4j for Telecoms

Databases can be divided into those that use Structured Query Language and those that don’t, a.k.a. NoSQL databases. One type of NoSQL database are graph databases. A graph database is based, as the name suggests, on a graph. The graph contains nodes and relationships between these nodes, also nodes and… Continue Reading

Regex crash course

Regular expressions are character sequences which represent a set of character sequences (strings, search patterns) according to certain syntax rules. They are useful for finding specific information within a larger quantity of text data. Regular expressions have many applications: search engines, string search algorithms (find, find and replace systems),preprocessing of… Continue Reading

All you need to know to make your first web scraper

As the amount of information available on the web grows and the information becomes more valuable, the field of automated systematic web browsing is becoming increasingly important. More information and better information is extremely important for making good business decisions, which is why it is useful to know how to… Continue Reading

Community detection at Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest is a very popular event, both inside and outside Europe, in which each participating country sends one representative who then competes to win Eurovision. The voting system has been changed constantly over the years. The most general rule for voting is that there are votes from… Continue Reading