Hospitality Insights solution for Večernji list

Hospitality Insights is a product intended for entities in the hospitality industry who want to raise their service to a new level and improve the satisfaction of their customers. Every user experience is valuable information that can completely change the business. Therefore, it is very important to understand the power… Continue Reading

How leading companies use the power of data visualization

Graph databases are used in various industries, from telecommunications, hotels, to various banking and other financial institutions, for the purposes of sales and monitoring sales chains, all the way the way to government institutions and monitoring security processes. Due to their efficiency when processing highly related data and simple… Continue Reading

Megatrend holiday greetings

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support and partnership! This year has been really exciting for all of us, and together, we have achieved so much.At this special time of the year, we wish you to find peace… Continue Reading

New features of the Hospitality Insights application

We are continuously improving the user experience and introducing new functionalities on our Hospitality Insights (HI) application. New features available from mid-December in Hospitality Insights v2.1: Survey statuses have been introduced – the user is enabled to create a draft survey and thus prepare and test the survey before publishing. Continue Reading

Using new technologies to improve business processes

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing are areas by which, with the additional help of the web-scraping process to obtain additional data, it is possible to improve various business processes today, and customer support, which is an increasingly complex task every day, is a perfect example of their effective application. Continue Reading

New features of the Hospitality Insights application

To improve the user experience, we have introduced new features to our Hospitality Insights application. Hospitality Insights (HI) is a platform that provides an amazing guest experience to help improve guest feedback, measure their satisfaction, and report it to management. New features available starting this week in Hospitality Insights v2.0:… Continue Reading

Our team members on IBM Customer Care Technical Academy EMEA

Last week our team members Lucija Jusup and Domagoj Marić expended their knowledge on improving customer experiences on the IBM Customer Care Technical Academy in Copenhagen. This course covered IBM’s Data & AI for Customer Care solution, which is truly differentiated in its ability to provide exceptional customer experiences. Continue Reading

Print ad: IBM Watson Assistant

Your customers don’t want to chat. They want answers and action. In today’s omnichannel customer service environment, experience is everything— so much that 91% of unsatisfied customers will part ways with a brand. Not only is a great customer experience mandatory to stay competitive — more than half of organizations… Continue Reading